The topic of the workshop is intended to be construed fairly broadly, with an eye on questions regarding conceptual clarification. We are especially interested in debates concerning:
• a priori methods and a posteriori methods in philosophy
• conceptual analysis and Carnap’s conception of explication
• formal methods in philosophy

Magdalena Balcerak Jackson (University of Miami)
Daniel Cohnitz (Utrecht University)
Catarina Dutilh Novaes (University of Groningen)
Anna-Maria A. Eder (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Eve Kitsik (University of Tartu)
Hannes Leitgeb (MCMP, LMU Munich)
Sebastian Lutz (MCMP, LMU Munich)
Christian Nimtz (Bielefeld University)
Mark Pinder (University of Hertfordshire)
Marc Andree Weber (University of Freiburg)
Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford)

Anna-Maria A. EderInsa LawlerRaphael van Riel

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